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In today's modern world, it is common for people to experience stress, tension, partner, work problems and other. Many times one can tackle issues alone or with the support of family and friends. However sometimes this is not enough and in such cases our psychologists can help you get rid of stress, tension, fear and anxiety, addictions, low self-esteem and communication difficulties We also help with personality disorders, parenting issues, bullying and harassment, burnout, marital and relationship problems, bereavement and others that you might have trouble coping with.

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What issues can we help with?

  • stress, tension, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and fear
  • social and other phobias
  • substance and non-substance addictions
  • low self-esteem and personal development
  • eating disorders
  • difficulties in interpersonal relationships
  • problems with communication, effective communication techniques tips
  • parenting issues and learning difficulties in children and adolescents
  • bullying at school / at work
  • children’s social and emotional development
  • DDA issues (adult children of alcoholics and children from dysfunctional families
  • burnout syndrome
  • family counselling
  • marital/relationship crisis
  • Postnatal depression and perinatal mental health, motherhood challenges
  • psychological issues related to infertility
  • psychosomatic problems
  • coping with the sudden loss of a loved one
  • overcoming trauma
  • crisis intervention
  • business and occupational psychology
  • career counselling
  • sports psychology

…and much more…


If any of the above problems apply to you and you do not know how to deal with them, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide psychological counselling to individuals, families and partners, divorce and post-divorce counselling and crisis intervention. Discretion, confidentiality, respect and empathetic approach along with 100% anonymity are guaranteed.

  • Therapy is possible from anywhere - from the comfort of your home, while traveling, even from abroad.
  • No long waiting times - a consultation can realistically take place within an hour of booking.
  • Psychologists are available from Monday to Sunday, including holidays.
  • Consulting with a psychologist is possible in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • The conversation with the psychologist takes place through a video call via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, MS Teams or through a traditional phone call.
  • We also provide consultations via email.
  • No hidden fees - we always cover the cost of the call to the client.
  • Consultations available in the following languages:
  • In consultations, there is no limit to the number of people, so you don't pay anything extra for couples or group therapy.
  • The standard duration of a consultation is 60 minutes, which is 20% more than in traditional counseling offices.
  • You can also choose a 30-minute or 90-minute consultation.
  • The entire website is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Our support is available from Monday to Sunday at +420 776 004 802 or via email at support@mojra.info.
  • You have the option to evaluate and comment on the psychologist's work after each consultation.
  • We'll assist you in selecting a suitable psychologist and making an appointment – make use of our online chat in the bottom right corner of the page.

Psychologická poradna online


By entrusting yourself to the care of our psychologists you can gain a new objective view of your problem, receive support and the chance to free yourself from negative emotions. As a result you will be able to achieve internal peace, calm, and deeper understanding of oneself. You will also learn to constructively solve problems and cope with the difficulties of everyday life.You can say that this will open up a door to a new and happier life for you.