Gift Voucher: 3x Email consultation with a psychologist

Do you know of someone you care about who is experiencing a difficult problem and would like to seek professional help but is not comfortable with a face-to-face consultation? Give someone the gift of wellbeing by purchasing the 3x Email consultation gift voucher. This service offers an opportunity to discuss current issues confidentially, understand the nature of your problem and help see things from a different perspective.

We believe this could be a great gift for your dear ones as it provides an opportunity to regain mental health well-being.

How to order a gift voucher?

  1. Click "Buy Gift Voucher"
  2. The chosen gift voucher for 3x Email consultation will already be marked as selected.
  3. Select payment option and if you have a discount coupon please add the code into the section "Coupons and Gift Vouchers"
  4. ONLY tick the box if you wish to receive the voucher by post
  5. Sign up or log in into your account
  6. If you agree to the terms and conditions and personal data processing tick the box and complete the "I am not a robot" section
  7. Click "Complete Order"

How do gift vouchers work and how to use them when booking appointment with a psychologist?

available (immediately)

The gift voucher is valid for 120 days.

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