Long-term Counselling

Package information:

The package includes 10x60 minute consultation with a psychologist in the form of a video call via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or a phone call. 2x FREE email consultation is also included in the package.

The package is suitable for those who need to overcome a sudden life crisis, experience a problem that is difficult to deal with, feel overwhelmed or deal with issues related to family, work or personal relationships. Certain issues can require longer time before solutions are found. This package is more than just a one-time consultation. It offers an opportunity to discuss current issues in more detail with a psychologist. If that is something you need then an intensive long-term therapy package might be a great option for you. Please note that the number of people at the consultation is not limited thus this package can also be used for family or couple therapy. Email consultation can be used either if you wish to share anything with your psychologist before the consultation or afterwards to add more information.

The package is transferable, meaning if you do not use it all, your remaining consultations can be used by someone close to you.

How to order the package:

  1. Click “Book Appointment“
  2. Select 10x 60 minute consultation + 2x free email consultation package
  3. Select payment option
  4. If you are new to Mojra Psychological Online Counselling please sign up or log in into your account, agree to the terms and conditions and personal data processing, tick the box and complete the "I am not a robot" section
  5. Click "Complete Order“ *

* If you have selected "Credit or Debit Card" option you will be re-directed to the payment platform. Alternatively, if you have selected "Bank Transfer" option all payment details will be send to your email address.

How to apply the package?

  1. Go to your order by either selecting "Book Appointment" tab in the top bar or click on available slot in the psychologist's profile
  2. Select one of our psychologists and then click "Select Psychologist" under the photo
  3. Select date and time of the consultation and choose communication platform from one of the following: Skype, telephone, WhatsApp or Viber. Provide your contact details (such as Skype name, telephone number) and describe your problem in the note section then click "Next“
  4. In the next stage of your order please select "Packages Mojra.info" as a payment option. In the section "Coupons and Gift Vouchers" fill in the package code, log in into your account and complete the "I am not a robot" section
  5. Click "Complete Order"

Follow the same steps when ordering other consultations from the package.

If you wish to use your free email consultation included in the package please send your query to poradna@mojra.cz and the psychologist will respond within 24 hours. However, it may happen that our message is classified as Spam. Thus please ensure you also check your Spam folder for messages from us.

The package is valid for 5 months from the date of its purchase.

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