To all who are facing a problem, a crisis situation, or just want to learn more about themselves. A psychologist can help you not only with solving short-term or long-term problems, but also help you with your own self-development. In our counseling center we provide psychological assistance to all age categories (children under 15 years of age with the consent of their legal representative).  

Our psychology professionals specialize in a wide range of problems ranging from stress, tension and anxiety, fear and worry, sudden loss or death. They can help you get rid of burnout, low self-esteem, shyness in interpersonal relationships, communication problems, addiction, personality problems, problems with raising children, problems at school and bullying, and can also help you solve partner and marital crises (infidelity, alienation, poor communication). 

The MOJRA online psychological counseling center uses freely available applications for consulting with clients: Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Signal, MS Teams. Consultation is also possible by phone or e-mail. Clients can consult with a psychologist basically from anywhere, without the need to travel anywhere. You always see a psychologist during a video call, but you don't have to turn on the camera yourself. You can also use the consultation time for chat, when you write to a psychologist in the application (this needs to be stated in the consultation note). 

Nothing that you do not have available every day – a mobile phone or a computer, being within range of a mobile/internet connection and having an application installed through which you want to communicate with a psychologist.  

Consultations can be paid for by virtually all available methods: Online payment card, via GoPay/GooglePay/ApplePay, or by bank transfer to the accounts of the counselling centre. Consultations can also be paid for through benefit companies or corporate benefits.  

More information can be found in the section  Employee and other Benefits section..

In each profile of a psychologist you will find information about what issues this or that psychologist deals with. You can filter psychologists by categories and subcategories. If you do not know how to choose, do not hesitate to contact us and we will recommend the most suitable psychologist according to the problem. 

Do not hesitate to contact the support of our counseling by phone, e-mail, chat. We will try to arrange an individual consultation appointment as soon as possible. Of course, you also have the option of using another, currently available psychologist for consultation, but keep in mind that psychologists do not pass on information about clients, so you will start from scratch. 

You can simply choose the date of the consultation in the order form. Just click on "make an appointment", choose a psychologist and then you will see all available dates. We recommend choosing a consultation of 60 minutes. You can then book another consultation appointment in the same way or arrange it with a psychologist who can order you himself.  

After booking an appointment with the psychologist and crediting the payment to the account of the counseling center, you will be sent an email with the following information: 

  • confirmation of the date of online psychological consultation 
  • the name of your psychologist 
  • your unique code (consultation ID) 

Of course, all this information is also available in your profile. At the time of the consultation, the psychologist will contact you in the chosen way.  

You can leave a short comment to the psychologist before the consultation. You can find this function after logging in to your profile on the Mojra portal in the detail of your consultation. Contact a psychologist in another way is not possible. Psychologists do not communicate with clients outside the consultation period, even through private messages of various applications. If you need to solve anything or refer to your psychologist, contact the support of our counseling center.  

You simply log in with your email address. If you forget your password, just reset it here:

If you use multiple email addresses and are not sure which one you registered with, please contact our support.

First of all, when the Internet connection fails, it is important to try to restore the connection. Your psychologist will try to do the same. If the fault is on our side, we will offer you a new date for the online consultation, completely free of charge. If the connection is to blame on your side, we also have a solution. Our psychologist will call you at the phone number you entered and the consultation will take place in the form of a telephone call. However, if you decide not to use this option, the money will not be returned to you and the consultation will be forfeited. 

According to professional research dealing with this issue, the effectiveness of online therapy is fully comparable to the effectiveness of therapy in a psychological office.  

If you are interested in communicating with a psychologist via email, follow these steps: 

  • Click on "make an appointment" at the top of the page 
  • Select "email consultation" from the menu
  • Choose the consultation package you are interested in (1x, 3x, monthly) 
  • Select a payment method 
  • Fill in your email address 
  • In the "your message" field, write as much as you can about the problem you want to solve 
  • Submit your order 


The psychologist will answer you within 24 hours from a moment our system has registered an incoming payment for your consultation. You will always receive an answer from Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

If you have ordered an email consultation and want to continue communication, you must order another one in the same way as the first time. If you have ordered a package of e-mail consultations, just send a reply to the email address from which the psychologist's comment was delivered to you. You will always be answered by the psychologist who answered the first time, unless you explicitly wish otherwise. 

You can buy a gift voucher for all offered consultations. The gift voucher is transferable, so you can give it to anyone after purchase. The gift voucher is valid for 4 months. All these products can be found in the footer of our website. After ordering a gift voucher, a code will be generated, you will have it stored in your user account and a graphic gift voucher will also be automatically generated. You can also find it in your user account. You will also receive all information by email. 

When ordering, you have the option to mark "sending a gift voucher to the address." If you check this option, the gift voucher will be sent by post to the address provided. The price of sending a gift voucher is governed by the current price list of the Czech Post and is added to the total value of the order.  

If you are a gift voucher holder and want to order a psychological consultation, please follow these steps: 

  • On the gift voucher you will find out what form of consultation it is (email, colloquial, consultation package) 
  • In the menu select "order" 
  • Select a consultation method 
  • At the end of the order, select "mojra packages" as the payment method 
  • In the "Coupons and gift vouchers" section, enter your generated gift voucher code in the "Gift voucher/discounted package code" field. The price of the consultation will be 0, - CZK / Euro 
  • then complete the order 

Yes. Thanks to the fact that we work online, you can talk to a psychologist from anywhere. You have both Czech/Slovak speaking psychologists and those who speak foreign languages at your disposal. You choose the language of the consultation in the order.  

Of course, we offer the possibility of payment in CZK, EUR, PLN.  

If for any reason you decide to cancel your booked date, you can do so well in advance by contacting our support. Changes and cancellations of the consultation can be made max. 24 hours before the start of the consultation. If you do not come to the consultation or wish to cancel it less than 24 hours in advance, the right to compensation expires.  

A discount on psychological consultation can be obtained by people who need help and cannot afford the consultation. These are mainly people of retirement age, mothers on maternity leave, single mothers, students and also people who are in a difficult life situation. More information can be found in the section:  Discounted online counselling sessions.

Yes, it is. If your company cooperates with our counseling center and offers you this type of benefit, just log in with the information they will make available to you. The order process is then the same. If you are not sure whether you are creating an order correctly or want advice on choosing a psychologist, please contact our support.  

You will receive all instructions and login details for the company order portal from your employer. 

The procedure is then as follows: 

  • First, sign up here
  • After logging in, you can start creating your order. 
  • In the last step of the order, you create your personal profile on the mojra 

  !! ATTENTION: any orders must always be made through the company interface 

Yes, since we also provide psychological assistance to people who live or work abroad, we have also thought about this possibility. The psychologist is calling you, so you don't have to worry about a high phone bill, we simply pay for the call. 


Yes, we do. You can consult with Czech and Slovak speaking psychologists, but also with psychologists who speak a foreign language (English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian).  

The first idea was born in 2015 and after a year of intensive preparations, we officially launched the counseling center in December 2016. If you are interested in more information about the history of psychological counseling and the path we have traveled during that time, you can read an article about it on our blog: 

Under this article you will also find a video with our journey 

Yes, we do offer this service. If you need a psychologist to prepare a consultation report, please contact our support. This service is charged 1000, - CZK for confirmation in Czech / Slovak language, 2000, - CZK for confirmation in a foreign language. The invoice will be sent to your email and after payment you will receive a message within a pre-agreed deadline. If you have specific requirements for what data should be included in the report, you can send them to the

Yes, you can also use this option in our counseling center. Inform the psychologist about the conference call in the consultation comments so that he can prepare for this option. However, the technical arrangements for the conference call are up to you. The psychologist always makes a one-way call via Skype, WhatsApp, etc. to the contact you specify in the consultation order, you connect the partner to the call. Therefore, it is important that you prepare everything technically, try it out, verify the quality of the connection, etc. If it is not possible to make a video conference call successfully after the start of the consultation, this is not a reason to move the consultation to another date or to refund the amount of the consultation. 

You will receive all instructions and login details for the company order portal from your employer. 

The procedure is then as follows: 

  • First, sign up here
  • After logging in, you can start creating your order. 
  • In the last step of the order, you create your personal profile on the mojra 

  !! ATTENTION: any orders must always be made through the company interface 

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, it is not possible to make video or audio recordings of the consultation without the consent of a psychologist. If you need this SOLELY FOR YOUR OWN USE, e.g. to be able to sort your thoughts, etc., it is exceptionally possible to make a record WITH THE CONSENT OF THE PSYCHOLOGIST. However, it is important that consent is clear and recognisable at the very beginning of the recording. 



The psychologist will contact you, you will ask him if you can record the consultation. He agrees, you turn on the recording and at the beginning of the recording you ask the psychologist again if he agrees with the recording.  

If you make a recording where the psychologist's consent will not be demonstrably heard at the beginning, this recording will be considered contrary to the Business Terms and Conditions of the Counseling Center and it is possible to legally sanction this recording.  

Technically, the recording is provided by the client. If you want to record the consultation, you must be prepared, it is not possible to extend the consultation by the time when you prepare the technique for the recording.  


If you have forgotten your login password, click here, enter your email address and confirm by clicking on RESET PASSWORD. You will receive all the necessary information by email. 

Didn't find an answer to your question? Don't hesitate to contact us at or use the online chat in the lower right corner.

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