Gift Voucher: Therapy Maximiser Package

3x 60 minute consultation + 1x free email consultation

Give your family member, partner, friend or acquaintance the gift of wellbeing by purchasing the 3x 60 minute consultation + 1 free email consultation gift voucher. During these sessions one of our well-trained and experienced psychologists will empower clients to take back control of happiness and life, and provide support with a sudden life crisis. This gift voucher has been specially designed to provide an opportunity to discuss current issues, solve problems and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.

We believe this could be a great gift for your dear ones as it provides an opportunity to regain mental health well-being.

How to order a gift voucher?

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How do gift vouchers work and how to use them when booking appointment with a psychologist?

available (immediately)

The gift voucher is valid for 120 days.

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