Commission 8-10%

With our affiliate programme you can earn a commission of
8-10% of the price of the order and all recurring orders made by the client you bring.

Lifetime cookie validity offers you a lifetime validity of a partner cookie.

Possibility of referencing without affiliate parameterPossibility of off-site promotion in offline marketing

Affiliate programme includes

discount coupons, gift vouchers, banners, tailor-made articles, motivational texts and pictures, direct linking profile to psychologists

Support from the affiliate manager who is here for you 24/7


let us introduce you to our online psychological – the first counselling service of its kind in the Czech Republic and offer you cooperation within our affiliate system.

In today's hectic, modern and technologically developed times, we have decided to offer services to people who need psychological help as soon as possible. The client will order a consultation with us, which will later take place in the form of a "cam to cam" with one of our psychologists. Psychological counselling has never been so close and a within reach for clients.

Become an affiliate partner and earn money with us. Just sign up and place your ad on your site If you become our partner, it means for you that if a customer comes to our site from your website and orders an online consultation, you will receive your commission. Our experience shows that psychological consultations are ordered about once a week and their number is determined by the severity of the clients problems.

Registration is easy and free. Fill out the form first. You will then log in to your admin interface, where a ready-made link will be waiting for you. In this admin interface you will also have ready-made banners, PR articles that you can use on your website.

We offer Lifetime cookie if a customer orders one or more online psychology consultations, which is usually the case the commission of 8-10%* is yours.

You will also find another link in the admin interface. This is used to register affiliate partners. If an affiliate partner logs in through this link, you will have 2% lifetime commission on each consultation that the customer orders through your registered partner.

You do not need an ID number or VAT number to register for our affiliate programme. Choose partner type: "Private person", do not fill in ID number and VAT number.

Download the mojra commission presentation here: Presentation affiliate

It often happens that the client needs more than one consultation due to the nature of his/her problem. Please bear in mind that when a meaningful therapeutic relationship is built between a client and a psychologist it is likely that the former will seek further help and guidance with other life issues in future as well.

*If a customer visits our page from your website and orders a consultation however chooses to use company benefits as a method of payment, you are not entitled to a commission from this consultation.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, do not hesitate to register here

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 731 226 690.

Sincerely, Counselling Team