Mojra's Code of Ethics

  1. Online counselling offers qualified support to clients in need using internet technologies.
  2. All clients will be treated equally regardless of their religion, beliefs, race, political beliefs, ideology, or sexual orientation.
  3. Online counselling must be a service where the provider and founder are clearly defined along with their goals and mission.
  4. The internet service must clearly state the time period within which the client can expect a response.
  5. Any response within the internet service is not tied to the creation of any economic or other connection between the client and the service.
  6. Employees of the online counselling service must not satisfy their business, sexual, emotional, religious or any other needs though the online service.
  7. All information provided by the client is considered confidential as long as it does not violate the laws of the Czech Republic.
  8. The online counselling service's activities with its clients are not only the product of individual effort but the result of a team cooperation.

This document was prepared by the Czech Association of Helplines and approved by XIII. ČAPLD Assembly on 28 May 2005 in Liberec.

Online Counselling agrees and accepts this code.

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