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  • Individual counselling for older people (social isolation, loneliness, low self-esteem, retirement, depression, anxiety, mental health issues related to dementia)
  • Providing practical and emotional support to carers (those looking after someone with dementia)
  • Individual counselling for young people (including mental health issues in students studying abroad, transitional issues,
    adjustment to a new environment and culture, feelings of isolation, sadness, confusion)
  • Personal development, career counselling and support in achieving goals and dreams
  • Coping with and managing stress
  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Psychology (University of Worcester, United Kingdom, 2015 - 2018)
  • Obtained a master’s degree in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology (Swansea University, United Kingdom, 2018 - 2019)
  • Member of the British Psychological Society
  • Regularly attend various psychology related conferences and seminars
  • Currently works on a low secure mental health unit (United Kingdom) with individuals with degenerative neuropsychiatric
    conditions including Dementia, Huntington’s Disease, Korsakoff’s Syndrome and Acquired Brain Injury detained under the Mental Health Act as well as those undergoing treatment under the Mental Health Act
  • Acted as a Research Assistant, University of Worcester, United Kingdom and completed a qualitative research studyexploring the experience of first year undergraduate students’ transition to university
  • Experienced in providing expert tailored care and support for people with brain injury, neurodegenerative conditions and a range of mild, moderate or severe mental health problems such as depression and anxiety
  • Volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Society, United Kingdom and provided vital support, reduced isolation and increased the
    wellbeing of individuals affected by dementia
  • Acted as a Care Assistant in a Residential Care Home, United Kingdom and gained experience in encouraging older people with neurodegenerative conditions to reacquire practical skills and motivating them to maintain or increase the independence through therapeutic, leisure and social activities
  • Completed an international placement in a Day Centre for Social Services in Bulgaria (focus on young people with Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome)
  • Completed a 2-month placement in a Centre for Social Services (focus on older people with Dementia, Schizophrenia, Huntington’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease)
  • Additional qualifications
  • Volunteer Introduction to Dementia Certificate, Alzheimer’s Society (Ammanford, UK, 2019)
  • Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty and Safeguarding Certificate (Worcester, UK, 2017)
  • Care Certificate (Worcester, UK, 2017)
  • Dementia Awareness Certificate (Worcester, UK, 2016)
  • Behaviour & Communication Certificate (Worcester, UK, 2016)
  • End of Life Certificate (Worcester, UK, 2016)

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